Milette Lanphere moved to Las Cruces from Mississippi at six months of age. Her mother and father were both employed at New Mexico State University. An active family, they traveled extensively through Mexico, Europe and enjoyed camping throughout the Southwestern US. Milette’s mother was a prolific artist and used these outings to enrich her children’s lives with creative projects and cultural explorations.

As an adult Milette was driven by a love of Nature and inherited the need to create. She pursued jobs that allowed close contact with animals domestic and wild.

In 1982 she moved to Washington State where she worked in veterinary medicine, wildlife rehabilitation, and wildlife conservation. While there she also owned a book and gift store. Artistically, she became a student of Stan Price of Covenant Art Glass in Everett Washington. It was here that she learned to work in both hot and cold glass. This medium would hold her attention for the next 18 years, and as such she would attend countless art fairs working as a commissioned artist.

Milette returned to the southwest, Tucson, Arizona, in 2000 to pursue a degree in Interior Design. She met Mariah Clearwater and was introduced to ceramics and 3 dimensional works. Under Mariah’s tutelage she explored high and low fire, as well as Raku. Fascinated with sculpting, Milette began to incorporate recycled materials and mix media into her work. While in Tucson Milette continued to practice the art of falconry and work with raptor rehabilitation and education.

It was her aging Mother that brought Milette home to Las Cruces in 2005. Lacking a kiln in her new home she transitioned into painting in oils and acrylics, and horses returned to her life. In 2012 she purchased Park Place K9, a dog boarding facility. It was thru the dogs that she met Maria Navarra Pino, a weaver. Maria introduced Milette to fiber art with the gift of some supplies, books and a willingness to advise, encourage and critique. Sculpting with wool has allowed Milette to create anatomically correct, yet whimsical animals, as seen in her first exhibit entitled "Fire and Fiber 2016" in collaboration with Suzanne Kane, reknown ceramic artist.

In 2016, Milette moved to her current location in Hill, New Mexico, which is about 15 minutes north of historic Mesilla and Las Cruces, New Mexico. The Tres Caballos Farm is a lovely seven acre estate with old buildings and barns, inspiring vistas and lots of solitude. The farm is shared with dogs and horses, and guests thru Airbnb rentals.